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Trying to think of an original way to entertain your guests? Why not hire a booth its a great way to provide entertainment for your guests throughout the night and give them something to take with them. Hire a photo booth and they all get something that they can keep forever Zvisuals Photo Booth Hire are a local business based in Stockton On Tees.



People Love to take pictures and parties are one of the main events where they can let their hair down.  Bring a photo booth into the equation and let the guests go nuts taking some of the craziest pictures ever.

Guests seem to change when they enter one of our photo booths and pull the curtains. They forget everything and take some of the craziest pictures a Zvisuals Photo Booth will make this happen. You may still have the professional photographer but there’s a real good chance the photos coming out of our photo booth are the ones you will be looking at the most for years to come.

A fantastic and original party favour for your guests.  The images from a Zvisuals photo booth gives instant results and that’s something everyone can get into.  Every party guest leaves with a photo and unlike most other party favours, they will keep them forever.

Zvisuals photo booth hire operate from Stockton On Tees and they are fantastic for any kind of party including a Wedding, Birthday, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, School Proms, 18th and 21st Birthday Parties, Christenings, Anniversaries and more but some of the most fun is had at weddings.  When the DJ starts playing and guests are loosening up on the dance floor the formal starts becoming informal and that’s the perfect time to let them have fun in our photo booth.

Searching the internet for Photo booth hire in Stockton On Tees comes will come up many results but like anything else you need to select your photo booth carefully.  Not all photo booth hire company are the same and getting a bad booth that can put a real dampener on the day.

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When hiring a booth consider the following:

1.  The correct photo booth hire will look good in your venue.  You have dressed the room and putting a photo booth into the space that looks scruffy ruins your hard work Zvisuals use only deluxe style booths that will fit in anywhere.

2.  It must work perfectly.  Don’t let your guests get frustrated because the photo booth you selected isn’t working properly, the last thing you need at a party are problems.  When you choose a Zvisuals Photo Booth Hire you have nothing to worry about!

3.  The photos produced be of the highest standard. Zvisuals  that uses studio quality equipment and dye sublimation printing to produce professional quality photos every time.  And remember, speed does matter and dye sublimation is the fastest way to produce top quality photos.  These are key functions of a Zvisuals Photo Booth Hire.

4.  Choose a photo booth hire company that provides you with a digital copy of all the photos.  These are your memories to keep forever and a great way to see what your guests have been getting up to at the party.

.5.  Password protected Gallery. Your photo booth hire company should give you the option of a password protected gallery for your event and also the option to upload to Facebook.  It’s a great way for everyone to relive the memories.

6.  1st class service. Organize your photo booth hire with a company that will be there on site and ready to deal with any issues that may come up.  You might just find that your guests are having so much fun taking wacky photos that the booth runs out of supplies.  Don’t let that kill the fun.  When your hire company is onsite they can quickly reload what’s needed and help keep the party going.

7)  Finally you need originality.  Your photo booth company should have the ability to customise for your event.  If you want video messaging, this should be an option.  If they want keyrings this should be possible, want customised photo template it should be a problem and if you want green screen, keyrings, video and customised photos all in one booth then even this should be available.


Choose your photo booth hire carefully and  your party will be remembered for a long time

To learn more about a photo booth hire in Stockton On Tees contact zvisuals .

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We also cover other area’s in the region such as our neighbouring towns Billingham and Middlesbrough

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