shabby chic photo boothshabby chic photo boothShabby Chic Heart Booth
We built this booth from the ground up designed to offer an original rustic styled booth for your clients. It was designed to be aesthetically pleasing for the client with speedy setup and take down for the booth operator. 

Constructed mainly of wood with the front being hardboard covered with a rustic print. Sturdy construction with a heavy metal base which can be weighed down further with a sand bag hidden by the base cover. The wood is painted with a satin silk paint meaning if it starts looking a bit used or takes a not a quick paint job will bring it back up to scratch

The base / stem / heart can all be easily separated for transport and the heart is light enough to carry fully loaded with camera, light, power and PC.

This is proving really popular in our location, a single £100 Facebook promotion generated over £5000 of bookings.


The package we will be offering is for the heart booth and apple crates that will contain your printer
Heart will include
Studio flash plush hot shoe sync lead
power strip
Flower garland (disguises cables)
Material cover the base

Crates will be design to fit a Mitsubishi cpd70w printer but it isn’t difficult cut a hole for a different printer.

You will need to supply
Lenovo yoga thinkpad 15″ – you could easily change the casing to incorporate another laptop but it will sized for this

Camera £400
Printer £900
Photobooth software- I use breeze but software is your choice

We add fake grass, a fence, flowers and lights which really completes the rustic feel. We don’t sell these as the p&p would cost more than the items them selves.

Price is £1500 plus p&p with £500 deposit to secure your order

Please contact if you are interested