Party ideas

Why is Zvisuals a good Idea for your party?

You plan your party for weeks, months, years (weddings) and you come up with your own party ideas, you want it to be a night to remember sadly most people don’t usually due to the amount of  alcohol consumed.

Now just to give you idea of what happens at the average party

  • Drunken antics
  • Dad Dancing
  • Dancing Fails
  • The guy who falls flat on his back side
  • The guy that clears the dance floor
  • Full on group dancing
  • Dirty dancing

Now as well as those moments there will be the ones that you would like to remember forever.

  • Father Daughter dancing
  • Grandparents bringing back the old school ballroom dancing
  • First dance (wedding)
  • All the family together enjoying them selves
  • Emotional speeches

All these memories will be with you forever but every ones memory fades in time, so why not let Zvisuals record your party and make sure those precious memories last for ever. Now naturally all the things listed above happen at most parties so Zvisuals have a few services that add to any party, providing both entertainment and even for footage and photo to keep for ever.
With our Party videos we will also organise a video guestbook which will have some emotional messages along with some hilarious messages just to give you an idea….

  • We have had people singing – groups of over 20 seranading to the camera
  • Dancing
  • Crying on camera
  • Barely being able to speak dues to the amount of alcohol drunk
  • falling over
  • All of the above

Zvisuals have recorded wedding videos for years but have decided to focus on party videos as we believe the photographer should take care of the day and the night should be left to us.

Now if you want photos of the night do not fear we have that in hand to with our photo booth hire service – just take a look at our photo booth offerings

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