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Zvisuals photo booth video service

would you like to offer your clients a unique video as part of your fantastic photo booth service. Videos are a great way for customers to see all their photos in one go without haveing to traul over 100’s of photos. Also as you are probably aware youtube is owned by google so having photo booth related videos on your google account will allso help with your seo efforts.

Real life example of the effect of one of our own videos.
Proms are perfect for video as kids share and share.
1 video uploaded had 4000 organic views which is unheard of on facebook (without paying)
The video was then re tweeted by the local counsel to thousands more users.
We cant promise this will be the effect of every video but that was achieved by simply uploading the video to facebook.


currently the prices are
single video £30
10 video package £250
a flame intro with your business name £10
check us out outro £10

How does it work
We will provide you with a dropbox link to upload your photos to be used in the video. We will then create a video file optised for youtube/facebook high definition upload. (other formats available on request)

How many photos? around 300 to 400 is normal to create the video obviously we cant get the photos to finish exactly the same time as the song but we have techniques that help us get close.

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